SMSF Lending

SMSF Lending

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) are becoming increasingly popular. Set up to manage your own superannuation, you can manage your investments as you see fit. Unlike traditional superannuation funds where someone else manages your money and investments, you now have access to your funds and how they are managed.

It is possible that your SMSF can borrow money but only within certain restrictions. These restrictions may stop some Finance companies from lending money as they may have less recourse should the SMSF fail to meet normal repayment requirements.

Pride Financial Group can assist with SMSF lending in relation to:

  1. COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT PROPERTIES (Including commercial property purchased in SMSF to rent back to your own business)

It is recommended and, in some instances, required by the lender that you obtain expert financial advice before proceeding with an SMSF strategy. Pride Financial Group will be happy to work in conjunction with your financial planner or accountant throughout this process.